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"The final weapon is the brain.
All else is supplemental."

                                             - John Steinbeck


Our Philosophy On Training 

We believe that fundamentals are the cornerstone of survival and everything is built on basics. There are no advanced techniques. The so-called 'advanced' shooter merely executes the basics a bit better or quicker and if any shooter wants to improve his shooting, he does so only by understanding the basics at a deeper level.


The 'Combat Triad' consisting of Marksmanship, Gunhandling, and Mindset must run on autopilot in order to remain mentally engaged with a dynamically changing environment. When facing a violent attacker, it's safe to assume that the brain will be in overload mode, and the 'reflex response' must be programmed through repetition. Ironically, it is usually only the truly 'advanced' student who fully appreciates the importance of continuous refocus on the basics.


The novice shooter should not be intimidated or feel that he or she may not be ready for our entry level courses. We take great pride in our ability to take the beginner 'from 0 to 60' in a short period of time. Proper programming from the beginning can make a huge difference in a shooter's development. The experienced shooter will gain benefits from the exposure to a different perspective.


Our courses are not merely 'basic classes'.

They begin with the fundamentals and progress to.... reality! The

technical difficulty of each drill builds in a logical sequence over the duration of the course and we make every effort to analyze, diagnose, and correct even the slightest quirk in each individual's shooting technique.


Traditionally, most training has involved shooting on flat paper targets under static range conditions. This has little to do with the realities of what may be expected in lethal encounters occurring in the streets. Our intent is to help the student apply the basics and become comfortable with dynamic movement by both the shooter and the target. We employ a variety of three dimensional target systems which move in a more realistic manner. The 3-D aspect of the targets require surgical shooting on vital target areas as they move, change positions, or charge at the shooter. This is simultaneous with movement by the shooter as he/she changes the target angles, attempts to get away from the attacker, or moves to cover/concealment.


Note: Regardless of prior experience or level of ability, we strongly advise our Level-1 classes as a prerequisite before signing up for an 'advanced' class.



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