Indoor Tactics

This class requires a live fire shoot house.

This is the class where you are taught to search or clear buildings, “slice the pie” on corners, work through doors, negotiate confined spaces such as narrow hallways, stairs, closets, and more. The course is an in depth look at “tactical residential architecture” and how you can utilize these principles to defend your own home. It is a two day course. This class requires the prerequisite TH101 class.

Ammunition Requirement: 500 Rounds

Low Light/Nightshoot

This is a two day course, starting each day at noon and running until well after dark. We begin with a refresher and tune-up on the square range during daylight hours. Various flashlight techniques are introduced and practiced. As the sun goes down we put them to the test. Discussions include the tactics of using artificial light, back lighting, tritium “night sights,” lasers, IR night vision, hand held flashlights, weapon mounted lights, etc. This class requires the prerequisite TH101 class.

Ammunition Requirement: 500 Rounds

Street & Vehicle Tactics

We all tend to spend a good deal of time in our cars and some of the most dangerous and likely scenarios involve vehicles. This class will address utilizing the vehicle as a weapon, understanding the difference between cover and concealment, knowing when to stay in the car, when to bail out, techniques for manipulating the seat belt, access to weapons while seated in a car, etc. You may shoot at targets from inside your own vehicle. In class we will utilize a junk car for shooting from inside the car through various types of glass, shooting from outside to the interior, testing penetration of various types of bullets through door and body panels and upholstered seats.
This class requires the prerequisite TH101 class. Those who have had carbine, rifle, or shotgun classes may also bring those weapons for testing and demo purposes.

Ammunition Requirement: 500 Rounds for handgun


This is a scenario based class utilizing scripted role players. The student is placed into a situation whereby he must interact with the role players. If he does everything right, he may not have to shoot at all,...and he may not get shot. If he makes a mistake...he may have to pay the price.

Both student and role players wear protective face masks (to primarily protect the eyes). Otherwise, normal street clothes. All participants are armed with Airsoft pistols which shoot a plastic pellet. While not seriously dangerous, they sting enough to offer ample incentive to avoid being shot. We do everything in our power to avoid allowing this to devolve into “paintball games.” It is serious, interactive, and eye opening. This class requires the prerequisite TH101 class

Ammunition Requirement: Two heaping tablespoons of Airsoft plastic pellets